Our vision is to see a new brand of Indian youth rise and become better and productive citizens of this great nation and in turn make positive contributions to their communities and their country at large. YTDS believes that an integrated approach to development is the appropriate strategy to address current needs of young people in our society.

Our mission is to invest youth with life and economically sustainable skills, building better lives for a sustainable future bearing in mind that the only way to empower our nation is to empower our next generation. We make use of multiple platforms and mediums to reach these goals and be one of the most respected NGO’s known for its practice and ethics.


Youth Talent and development

  • We engage and utilize the full potential of the youth in the betterment of the society.
  • We promote eradication of alcoholism and drug abuse.
  • We undertake research work on creation of employment opportunities in herbal plantation, cultivation, marketing, processing, for rural and urban population leaving under poverty line.


  • We undertake Research work on herbal plantation, cultivation, marketing, processing, and its medicinal application in rural/tribal to uplift poor population, formers in India.
  • We engage ourselves in activities like tree plantation, social forestry, animal husbandry, and development of irrigation resources, conservation of water and soil and improvement in herbal productivity.
  • To undertake Research work on herbal plantation, cultivation, marketing, processing, its medicinal application in rural/tribal to uplift poor population, farmers in India.

Human Rights and Women

  • We undertake educational / Tech. education / rehabilitation program particularly for woman, Backwards & minority class people.
  • We address issues like violence against women, women’s economic security, and equal rights for women in society.
  • We undertake welfare activities and awareness program on Child / women’s Health & Nutrition, equality, development, violence against women’s, rural and tribal empowerments.


  • We promote and undertake Education / Training / cultural and health programs through various centers in India.
  • We as well promote cultural/Sports /educational activity among the family of backward / Tribal / Minority class through cultural education center & Book Banks.
  • Construction of dwelling units, School buildings, rural sanitations / shelter home for old age people and homeless/helpless children and economically weaker section.

No profit No loss

Youth Talent Development Society believes and functions on “No Profit No Loss” motto to attain growth and development in the society.

Create Awareness: We create awareness about the causes and encourage the youth to participate and contribute with us equally in the growth.

Outreach: We reach out from the core to the periphery of any particular cause to get a better outlook of the problem and the solution.

Craft connectivity: We provide numerous platforms to small organizations to showcase local content for a wider mass and craft connectivity.

Fundraising: We raise fund by enticing the mass in various activities and events as well as through showcasing our future projects.

Direct Linking with others: We do not confine social-economic growth only to an organization rather we link and facilitate parallel collaborations with other organizations.

Human Resource Support: We engage and engross our interns and volunteers to have advanced human resource skills to address development issues in a better manner.

Voice out local issues: We voice out local issues through photographs, text and video and highlight problems at national and international platforms.

We will take all subsidiary measures required for the proper fulfillment of the above objectives and any other for the advancement our country.