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Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to touch millions of lives and spread happiness to the underprivileged

people of India, also we helps Youth for their Talent development and explores their talent on a sustainable basis.

We believe that today’s youth would be tomorrow’s citizen.

Communication & Outreach

Communicating their objectives and outreach of their activities to various stakeholders.

Human Resource Support

To have access to volunteers and interns from India and foreign countries, to have access to skilled human resources interested in their development issues


Attracting donors showing current and future projects and collecting funds through e-fundraising platforms

Giving voice to local issues

Giving testimonies of local situations through the use of photographs, text and video and highlighting problems of local nature at national and international levels

Partnerships & direct linking with other institutions

To facilitate horizontal outreach and synergies with other organisations

Showcasing local content for global outreach

eNGO platform enables grassroots organizations to showcase local content for global audience for wider recognition and connectivity

No profit No loss

The society shall function on No profit No loss basis to achieve the following aims and objects in India:
  • To undertake welfare activities for socially backwards, Handicaps, Tribal for promotion of their moral, social, educational and physical improvement in India.
  • To undertake research, review, assessment and development of Social structure in various part of country.
  • To promote General awareness and National interest among the rural/tribal families and youth of various states.
  • To promote family planning and Health awareness to improve life stile, medical care, and other social values for batter care of citizen of India articularly in rural area.

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We make use of multiple platforms and mediums to reach these goals and be one of the most respected NGO's known for its practice and ethics.

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